Whether you are looking to rebuild your existing deck, or start from scratch, LRS Construction offers multiple options to fit your budget and design preferences. Using modern materials, LRS garauntees the highest quality deck and customer satisfaction.


Deck refinishing

Don't rebuild your deck if it still has structural integrity. Get a free inspection from LRS because in most cases, they will make your deck look brand new without the high price of rebuilding it. 


Featured Project



From design, to longevity, LRS has everything you need to create your dream patio. LRS is experienced with every type of material and will make sure you understand the difference between them.




Renovating any area in your home isn't easy or cheap. LRS is well known for not only their affordable renovation prices but the quality in material and work. 


Designed Backyard

Landscape Design

Design ideas have the best results when the landscaper takes their time in working with the client to find exactly what they are looking for. From modern to contemporary landscape Design, LRS construction works with you every step of the way. 


Retaining Walls

Basic Repairs

other services




Snow removal

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